Voile Bronzant Stupéfiant

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A bouquet of Royal Jelly, Mimosa flowers, Guarana, Meadowsweet topped with pure Resveratrol in a truly irresistible and original water. 

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Sun is under your skin, reveal it day after day...

Let the sun shine through you without an ounce of guilt : tanned skin and peaceful mind! Here is the irresistible recipee of Self Tanning "Voile Bronzant Stupéfiant" unveiled by Katima'A. Too good to be true? Not even! Katima'A's formula delivers a magical veil of natural shades, smells delicious,  and seems to last forever (more than eight days).


DHA interacts with the skin surface of dead cells. A chemical reaction takes place between the DHA and molecules present throughout the body, amino acids, giving rise to compounds responsible for the brown color of the skin. These pigments are called: melanoidins. 


GPS (Guidance Performance Care) is key asset in Katima'A stunning "Voile Bronzant Stupéfiant". Intended to targets epidermis underlayers, it has been reconfigured to focus on upper layers of the Skin. Improving Tanning coherence and shades balance, the result belongs to an entirely new level of expectations  ... So yes frankly, there is reason to think that Katima'A' Claim to reveal best self tanner ever is well founded. Nothing less!



- Emollient agent


- Organic molecule from Sugar Family.  Self-tanning DHA is naturally obtained from the bark of chestnut but is primarily synthesized by bacterial bioconversion of glycerol extract corn, sugar cane or rapeseed

GPS-S : 

- Guidance Performance Care - Surface. Aiming for upper layers of the epidermis, GPS-S localises self-Tanning effect with formidable precisionw with direct and  unquestionable result : color shades homogeneity / No marks, no stains. 

“So yes frankly, there is reason to think that Katima'A' Claim to reveal best self tanner ever is well founded. Nothing less!”


A week before applying self-tanner, one removes dead cells of winter by  gentle scrub on dry skin, insisting on heels, knees, elbows, hands and feet. The day before the application of self-tanning, do a new gentle scrub. Immediately after, hydrate with Katima'A Body oil, Ritual Oil and Exquise, Originelle Cream or Day Care for the face: the skin is smooth gorged with water, ready to shine!

quantity100 ml

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