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With this high technology concentrate, make the night your beauty ally.

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Soin de Nuit 2 fuses powerful Argan Oil and innovative technologies in an ethereal whipped cream. The advanced formula retains and increases moisture while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. 

The first of many priorities that you may or may not have heard of is the prevention of water insensitive loss. It occurs privately during sleep; Thus and contrary to a multitude of accepted ideas, night is not the unique theater of a regeneration of the skin but also the moment when this one constrained by a warm and confined environment is the most relieved of its load in water. Faced with this specific phenomenon, Crème de Nuit 2 carries with it the GPS-S technology.


The real prodigy of GPS-S consists of its unique property in ensuring the compatibility of water-soluble elements and hydrophobic products. Penetration and anti-perspiration (water loss) work together without any of the binding effects that happen to experience when using film-care or over-covering.


- Major active introduced at a very significant dose. Fortifying with an exceptional antioxidant action, rich in essential fatty acids, balancing and protective, Argan oil is a formula that we wanted unrivaled. It is the Grand Cru d'Argan developed and refined with love by Katima'A for nearly fifteen years with its guardians always, then ultimately perfect in the laboratories aquitains of ITERG.



- Already used in the HD scrub and the roses of Eden, this active discovered and tamed about fifteen years ago produces spectacular results on the microrelief of the skin and induces a reduction of the wrinkles (depth, spacing. .) Very significant. The real question is why? First of all, it is not Pollen of any flower: in fact, Sunflower has the unique feature of exposing its fertilizing cells to the sun. Even though aging plays for 80% of skin aging, sunflower pollen succeeds, though showered by a massive rain of UVA and UVB, to retain its full integrity. Collected in very specific ruts, the balls of an entire colony do not exceed the 500g whose harvest requires very delicate devices so as not to disturb the life of the bees. Finally, and incorporated in the Night Care 2, this extract can boast of a simply phenomenal efficiency translated in the deep restoration of the functional qualities related to the abundance of collagen and elastin. One of the secrets is the shape of this pollen molecule, which in addition to its qualities presents an original profile in which the non-specific immune system reflexes the vitality of its environment and boosts these dynamic functions.


- Performance Guidance


- urea is known for its intense moisturizing properties and its keratolytic effect. This keratolytic effect promotes the elimination of scales and dead cells and also facilitates the penetration of water, which boosts its moisturizing power. With this exfoliating effect, urea stimulates skin renewal and restores a smoother and softer skin.

"The ambitions of the healer of the Night Care are unlimited. In spite of a contented price, its natural territory tutes the peaks of an industry. Its almost indecent lightness accompanies a richness and intensity thundering and completes the evocation of a proud and valiant care. "


Night Care applies after Cleansing Care, in large horizontal smoothing outwards on the face and neck. Finish with light pressures especially around the eyes. For an even brighter awakening, complete this Care by Argan's Perle Serum.
Beauty Secret Night Cream: At what age should you start putting on a night cream?

Around 20-25 years, one can put a moisturizing night care to repair the misdeeds of the sun. Around 30-35 years, an anti-wrinkle night care is chosen to refine the grain of the skin, to give radiance and to slow the aging of the skin. Mature skins should use a moisturizing night cream to prevent drying of the skin.

Katima'A Night Care has been designed to moisturize and repair your skin, ideal at any age it adapts to all skin types, supports you the day and combines the night with your beauty.

Reference 1200-N
50ml tajine glass pot


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