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Anti-aging, anti-puffiness concealer, nourishing and soothing. Eye Contour "2" is an unstoppable piece of cosmetic.

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Anti-aging, nourishing, draining, revitalizing, soothing: this new generation of Eye Contour achieves a coup by outperforming its predecessor. The potent recipe it offers is not much in comparison to its true effectiveness. The Argan Oil signature of Katima'A is enhanced by a wide selection of active agents acting on every one and single eye and lip youth factors. Biovectors + Pollen extract technology all pop in unison within an enticing texture.


Argan Oil  : anti-aging, anti-free radical. AGI (Acids Unsaturated fats) & EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), Gamma Tocopherol (preventive anti-radical cell dysfunctions causing skin aging).

Pollen Extract : The most resistant plant with solar aggression is the Sunflower: We extract pollen via a unique process. The result, increased strength and skin resilience in the face of daily aggressions. Its influence on Langerhans cells helps the skin to repair itself. 

- Centella Asiatica Extract : 
«Herbe du tigre», elle exerce une action antirides et ra ermissante grâce à deux de ses composants, l’asiaticoside et le madé- cassoside. Ils stimulent les cellules du derme et certains collagènes.
Elles perme ent également que l
a quantité d’acide hyaluronique dans la peau reste stable.
Enfin, elles seraient capables de dynamiser l’activité des cellules souches cutanées, agissant ainsi directement à la source du vieillissement de la peau.
Also called  “tiger herb”, it exerts anti-wrinkle and firming action through two components/ cassoside & asiaticoside. They stimulate dermis cells and collagen mechanism, stabilize hyaluronic acid level in the skin. Able to boost stem cells, it acts directly at the source of skin aging.

“An uncommon powerful and all-round response to ageing, ensuring sustained youth of eye and lip contour area” 

Calendula Oil: anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant active for a soothing and relaxed look. 

Honey : Increases water content of the skin. 

Median Biovector (GPS) : a truly spectacular technology that consists in targeting efficiency a specific skin layer. It performs controlled transcutaneous diffusion with both benefits of low sensibilization and increased efficiency.


Gently stroke and massage on the eyelids. Then, slightly tap using your fingertips.
Suitable for sensitive eyes or lens wearers. 
“ An uncommon powerful and all-round response to ageing, ensuring sustained youth of eye and lip contour area”

quantity15 ml

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