Katima'A - The Story of a man falling in love with endangered Argan Forest .

2001-2017. The tremendous ambition of a family in the service of an authentic natural treasure. Founded in 2001, LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN is a family-owned, Bordeaux-based company specializing in the production and marketing of Argan oil. The Company is acknowledged as one of the most significant contributor to the creation of first independent women's cooperatives, and promoter of the modernization of Argan Oil extraction. Katima'A is the pioneer and expert of the Argan.

Michel Saubade (formerly chairman of a high-tech company specializing in microdosing) discovered this unique oil, but also the thirsty biotope from which it emerged, during a trip to Berber lands in southern Morocco in 2000. The populations that try to live and support this culture.

He then created LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN with the strong idea of ​​contributing to the development of a solidarity trade and valorizing an authentic natural treasure whose survival is at stake.

Mark Holden Hindley, Pierre Emmanuel Saubade, Ait Baha.

To this end, he joined the Ibn Albaytar Association and supported the creation of a Moroccan women's cooperative in Ait Baha in the south of Agadir. This allows the women of the region to continue to do what they have always done: to produce argan oil, but to make a better living, thanks to the grouping within the cooperative.

In order to make this project viable, LA MAISON DE L'ARGAN financed part of the purchase of technical means (a clean room) and machines (a mechanical press) of the cooperative Targante of Aït Baha. It has also committed to buying part of the production, while allowing women to sell their oil to other customers, to guarantee them freedom of management and commercial development.

To go further in the valorization of this noble Oil, Michel Saubade returns to Bordeaux with in his baggage the urge to make discover this secret beauty. He installs his new company in the district of Chartrons and creates  Katima'A, Secret of Argan. "L'aventure commence" (adventure begins)