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A Nourishing and exfoliating body cream to open the senses.

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A Nourishing and exfoliating body cream to open the senses.

Exfoliating - Hydrating - Softening

Katima’A Body Scrub reveals your skin’s natural beauty combining soothing Aloe Vera and restructuring Argan oil to the polishing and exfoliating virtues of refined Argan shells. Designed for frequent use, this nourishing Body Scrub leaves your skin renewed, soft and radiant.


- A smooth exfoliating body cream

 - A nutritive bath of Argan and Aloe Vera 

- Purified skin as soft as satin

 - An ideal prelude to Katima’A body care products


Active ingredients:

Argania Spinosa : nourishing, protective

Meristem Oak root extract: anti-ageing, anti-free radicals, softens and appease dehydrated and sensitive skins

Chitosan Succinamide: Marine extract that smoothes the skin micro-relief while leaving a velvety sensation

Tapioca: softening, refining

Aloe Vera : Used since the Antiquity, this natural active ingredient has protecting, moisturizing and regenerating virtues while softening the skin

Apply all over the body avoiding the face. The polishing Argan powder will gently remove tired, dry and damaged skin leaving your body looking and feeling soft and youthful. For best results, apply onto dry skin massaging in with circular movements. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Beauty Secret :

When summer comes, use Body Scrub up to twice a week to prepare your skin for tanning; then, to ensure long lasting beauty of your sun-kissed complexion, apply Body Satin oil as a daily moisturizer.

Reference 2200

 200ml Tube

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